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Tattico provides specialist advice on governance and advocacy, resource management and regulatory planning, strategy, policy, project direction and management. Tattico advises a variety of entities including central and local government and private bodies. Tattico brings together the combined experience and expertise of John Duthie, Mark Vinall, Jane Simmonds and Vijay Lala.

The company specialises in the delivery of complex projects and is highly effective working in controversial and political environments. The governance and management experience of each of Tattico’s principals gained from working in both the public and private sector, ensures a high level of success in bringing projects to positive conclusions. These include the design and implementation of new organisational structures, delivery of large scale development and policy projects, contract negotiations and project/programme management.

The company is highly skilled in Local Government Act and Resource Management Act procedures and maintains an up to date working knowledge of these statutes. Work in this area involves strategy/policy development and implementation. The Company also has specific experience in administering regulatory services, including bylaws, consenting and permits. The Company also has a proven track record in delivering large scale and complex resource consents.

The company contains senior executive level experience in managing governance and organisational change projects. The company also possesses detailed technical working knowledge of government, resource management and environmental issues and is able to apply this knowledge to projects. The company is accomplished in mediation and negotiating positive outcomes using innovative and specifically tailored problem solving techniques.

Overall, the company is able to provide a wide range of services combined with a high level of experience and expertise.